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Food Trends to Expect in 2022

December 2021

With the new year right around the corner, our team of chefs made their predictions for the upcoming year’s food trends. We’re betting you’ll see these trends everywhere in 2022.  

The rise of the robots

While the technology isn’t new, staff shortages and contactless service from the pandemic have brought a surge into the robot market in the food and beverage industry. These robots have been a great addition to many dining spots, as not only do they provide automation, they’re also faster and much more consistent. Whether the robots will serve your drinks, cook your burgers, or serve as food ATMs, we predict many diners will get some face time with them in 2022.


The market exploded with vegan options in 2021. Consumers could purchase plant-based chicken, fish, and meat. Leading fast-food chains have even joined the movement, repeatedly selling out their meat substitute dishes. Our prediction? 2022 won’t just be about vegan options, but environmentally-friendly options as well. We can already see a fluctuation in the market with bean-less coffee and believe that crops with a negative impact will soon have many replacements.

A new kind of milk

Made of boiled potatoes, potato milk is sure to make its way into our hearts and coffee mugs in 2022. With consumers being as aware of health and the environment as ever, we’re sure potato milk will be on the rise. This new milk replacement is not only vegan but also has a low carbon footprint. In addition, potato milk is super nutritious – it’s a good source of vitamin D and B12, and is both fat and cholesterol-free! 


After dabbling in ‘drysolation’ throughout the pandemic, Millennials and Gen Z-ers’ sober-curiosity is all the buzz. For many of those who choose to drink, it is less about the quantity and more about the quality. They’re mindful drinkers, valuing sophisticated flavor combinations to sip on. At Yarzin Sella, we love mocktails as a dry solution for any office party. They’re a tasty and sophisticated way to stay inclusive. Another great way to toast in an alcohol-free environment? Use non-alcoholic tequila at your next office margarita party. An extra-favorite holiday special? A hot cocoa bar stocked with different flavors and toppings!

Mushroom drinks

Originating from Chinese Medicine, functional mushrooms are all the hype for today’s health-conscious consumers. They support the immune system, decrease stress and provide better sleep. Moreover, the fungi balance caffeine really well, resulting in no jitters or crashes after your morning coffee. Functional mushrooms are a great addition to tea, coffee, cacao, and even protein powder.

Urban farming

Urban farming has grown to become a trend in cities over the last few years. Thanks to the growing technology, consumers in many cities around the world can buy produce grown a short walk away from their homes. Workplaces have been catching up to the growing trend and implementing urban farms in their offices. There are a variety of different ways to set up these farms, including rooftop gardens, indoor vertical gardens, or even on balconies!

Wellness services

The pandemic generated many changes in consumer needs and behaviors, one of the most distinct being the urgency for wellness.  After understanding that employees with positive well-being are more likely to perform better, employee wellness is a high priority for many leading companies. Whether it’s an office gym, meditation room, yoga classes, or guided mindfulness workshops, employers understand the importance of providing wellness opportunities for their teams.

Functional sparkling beverages

Last but not least, functional sparkling beverages are forever replacing traditional sodas. From botanical tonics to probiotic sodas, they’re light, tasty, and packed with nutritional benefits. Strawberry rose, black cherry citrus and blackberry passionfruit are only a few of the tasty combinations available in the market.

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