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Make Your Food Program More Inclusive

December 2021

Companies today consider inclusivity to be one of the most important aspects of their workplace. Employers try to create an environment in which employees feel welcomed and equally treated. An aspect of the workplace that is sometimes forgotten is the food program. A crucial part of ensuring employees have a sense of belonging is making the food program more inclusive. 

Flexitarian, keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, DASH, and volumetrics – sometimes, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the diets in the workplace. 

To make sure you feed all of your employees equally, include a food program form in the onboarding process. At Yarzin Sella, employees use our in-house dining platform to describe their food sensitivities and restrictions. These restrictions can be classified into three main categories: allergies, religious restrictions, and diets.

Religious restrictions

A crucial aspect of being inclusive is respecting all religions. We do our best to make sure that those who follow different religions feel valued. With the help of religious consultants, we adhere to different rules and regulations.

For example, in many of our sites in Tel Aviv, we have Kosher and non-Kosher restaurants. Providing both types allows us to provide equal treatment to all employees. The teams in the Kosher restaurants comply with many guidelines and undergo many evaluations.

Throughout Ramadan, we provide a late supper to those who observe the holiday. We always make sure to serve a variety of protein types, so that everyone has a tasty choice. 


Our Allergens Management Program is a highly efficient and documented system that manages, labels, and communicates the potential presence of food allergens and the risk of exposure. 

From raw materials all the way to the final dish, so many components must be tracked and taken into consideration.

We established our Allergen Management Program based on the knowledge we gained from our restaurants. Using technology, we’ve created an efficient tracking system. We survey all of our vendors to know exactly what allergens can be present in the factories, we separate and store the food upon receival and label foods, products, and raw materials. 

As we cook, we use specific materials that are all labeled, we use specific pots allocated for that product. Most importantly, the communication protocols we have in place allow us to track and document food allergies and manage any situation that occurs within the services.  

At Yarzin Sella, we ensure a very strict protocol and an efficient communication system to manage the allergens in all locations and ensure the safety of all of our diners.


When planning menus and mealtimes, our team accounts for all employee diets.

We stock the micro-kitchen with filling options such as pre-cut veggies with hummus and overnight oats for those who practice intermittent fasting. We always make sure to provide tasty plant-based dishes for our flexitarians, for example, vegan tacos or lasagna.

Fresh juice is always important for employees that are on a cleanse. Employees who are cleansing can request juice in advance, that way we can make sure they have their preferred choices.

Most importantly, we make sure to stay up-to-date on diet trends in order to best serve our clients.  

To find out which dishes they can eat, employees log into our digital platform. Each employee receives a list of specially-picked dishes, based on cuisine preferences and dietary restrictions. Whether it’s a peanut allergy, Kosher, or veganism, make sure you make your employees feel valued and special.

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