Our Team

We at Yarzin Sella, are a commando unit, an elite force that
never stands still, works hard every minute of the day to make your
culinary vision a reality

At Yarzin Sella, every member of our staff lives our company mission.
We provide the best service possible, with a delicious and nutritious food experience on a daily basis,
so that our clients can be their best- more focused, creative and successful.

Senior Management

Yoram Yarzin


Ari Yarzin


Yuval Sella

Chairman & Founder

Osnat Barkay


Omer Alkalay

Executive Chef

Shiri Amsalem

Chief People Officer

Ran Azashi

Chief Financial Officer

Charles LaMonica

Vice Chairman

Thibault Lefebvre

Europe Director

Ofek Regev Sunkel

Chief of Staff

Ayelet Carasso

Director of Food & Beyond

Dikla Rozenvasser

Chief Revenue Officer

Einat Weissman

Chief Operating Officer

We provide end-to-end services to our clients. Every request and need is fulfilled with positivity and creativity. Unorthodox, entrepreneurial mindset is our distinct feature, which drives our team at all times, allowing positive responses to new and variable working patterns.

Become a Part of Our Family

We are always on the search for the best ways to make food fun, learning and engaging.

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