Culture, Creation
and Connection

Allow your employees to connect and collaborate over tasty food and a unique work environment. The Yarzin Sella 360 experience is a distinctive food program with exceptional service, aiding tech companies in the cultivation of culture, bonding and innovation.

Yarzin Sella is a global high-end
food service company

We design exceptional food programs for fast-growing, high-tech corporations by infusing our extensive knowledge from the restaurant industry, with our personalized service and ingenious creativity.

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The Yarzin Sella Experience

Bonding people to achieve greatness

As employees enter your In-House Restaurants they are captivated by a full-sensory experience: the vivid colors, fresh aromas, beautiful sounds, and personally greeted by our staff who know each employee by name and their food preferences...

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Our Menu

Micro-Kitchens, In-House Restaurants, Events and Special Concepts

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they can make big things happen.

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Our Team

An elite force that never stands still

At Yarzin Sella, every member of our staff lives our company mission. We provide the best service possible, with a delicious and nutritious food experience on a daily basis, so that our clients can be their best: more focused, creative and successful.

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Our Values

What’s Important
to Us

We strive to cultivate a culture of personal development and professional growth. We create an environment that provides a platform to acquire new skills, share industry knowledge, new trends and learning from experience.

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