Our Story

Yarzin Sella is a global high-end food service company

We design exceptional food programs for fast-growing,
high-tech corporations by infusing our extensive knowledge from the restaurant industry, with our personalized service and ingenious creativity. By doing so, we compliment a company’s flavor and vibe, in order to develop and implement a unique food program according to an organization's culture, DNA and values. We create a superior 360 Culinary Experience in an intimate atmosphere, which provides the ultimate opportunity for employees to bond, collaborate and innovate.

Yarzin Sella operates over 30 concept restaurants

Our chefs, account managers and management team are homegrown within the restaurant industry.
Their expertise and creativity promotes supreme service through passion and personality.

We create a 360 culinary experience for global tech leaders, delivering a unique food & dining program with the utmost flavor, service and style.

Our abilities are greatly due to our winning DNA, which is based on family values, personalized service, cutting-edge practices and professionalism. Leveraging our roots from the restaurant industry and our deep knowledge in the food service world, we provide a unique service experience to our clients which combines the best of both worlds. We treat your employees as guests in a restaurant, rather than diners in a cafeteria. We provide our clients with a high-end culinary experience that creates the perfect atmosphere for communication and bonding, generating long-term satisfaction.

Our finest team of top chefs and culinary experts creates exceptional in-house food programs by mixing in balanced nutrition, the latest food trends, an uncompromising menu and the best service, to surprise and satiate employees every day.

We custom-fit our services to our clients, depending on their organizational culture, cuisine preferences and work habits, bringing their deepest culinary dreams to reality.

We create end-to-end culinary solutions ranging from Micro-Kitchens,through In-House Restaurants, events and special concepts.

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they can make big things happen.

Our food programs are an experience employees anticipate, they await being surprised by the flavors, new trends and fresh aromas. This unique food program is a fabulous way to retain employees and recruit new talent.

We’re driven by our values for excellence, sustainability, diversity and creating positive use of our planet throughout our food and dining experience.

Yarzin Sella is at the forefront of the technological transformation of the food sector, prioritizing rapid innovation and advancing solutions for the global food tech sector.