Yarzin Sella Food & Beyond

Yarzin Sella Food & Beyond scalerator aims to bring novel innovative solutions to the food service market and strives to make an impact within the food sector by using our state-of-the-art culinary experience.

The YS Food & Beyond scalerator helps reinvent the food service market.

By using our global hospitality platforms, food service intellectual and valuable team we accelerate and scale FoodTech start-ups toward market penetration, growth, and to help reinvent the market.

The food sector must adapt to the changing times by creating more sustainable options, focusing on wellness and healthier food habits.

The food challenges and the technological needs for the industry are diverse and complex, including food sustainability, supply chain, food waste, and healthy nutritional alternatives.

With an emphasis on Innovation, YS Food & Beyond specializes in identifying FoodTech startups to provide product adaptation and implementation, in partnership with leading players in the field.

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    Areas of Focus


    Yarzin Sella places great importance on sustainability, aspiring to provide knowledge and sustainable options to their clients. Our company has established a monthly sustainability campaign, which focuses on different topics for employees to partake in on a regular basis. We lead by example, one of the success measures of our chefs is the ability to follow sustainable values, such as low food waste.

    Waste Management

    Our waste management system provides us with accurate information on monthly consumption and allows us to decrease waste, as well as manage our orders as accurately as possible. Using our deep knowledge and experience in the food service industry, we have the ability to precisely plan menus and amounts served, in order to best reduce waste. We use our deep bond and familiarity with our client’s needs and preferences to select the exact amount of specific dishes to serve. Kitchen staff and chefs are trained on the best utilization of raw materials, to ensure food does not go to waste. We use our online management tools in order to best understand where a site stands pertaining food waste. Our Food & Beyond scalerator is determined to search for partnerships with startups that focus on sustainability.

    Online Tech Tools

    Our procurement, management and BI programs track the performance of our staff day-by-day . They provide us with knowledge to ensure adequate training, budget maintenance, low levels of food waste, proper equipment use, procurement, satisfactory set up of the kitchens and more.