The YS Experience

The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience bonds people to achieve greatness

As employees enter your In-House Restaurants they are captivated by a full-sensory experience: the vivid colors, fresh aromas, beautiful sounds, and personally greeted by our staff who know each employee by name and their food preferences. We build relationships with your employees so that they receive the most personalized dining experience on a daily basis.

We believe in offering much more than food

We create a food program in collaboration with our clients, which provides every organizational need,
while bringing the dreams of their employees to reality. We create a superior experience in an intimate atmosphere,
which allows employees to bond, collaborate and innovate.

We believe that this experience allows our clients to create cutting-edge technologies.

Yarzin Sella aims to provide the best service possible, with a delicious and nutritious food experience on a daily basis, so that our clients can deliver their best, by being more focused, creative and successful.

Part of the Yarzin Sella Experience is a wealth of
touchpoints with employees

Including a wellness program, culinary tours and workshops, foodtalks, hackathons, community service,
farmer's markets, DIY boxes, holiday gifts, recipe books and much more.

  • When an employee travels between corporate offices, they receive a similar experience which allows them to feel at home, yet adding a local twist of seasonal flavors
  • The unique dining experience will boost employee satisfaction and help recruit and preserve talent
  • Employees dine in-house, resulting in greater confidentiality and brainstorming opportunities around the table
  • We use top-shelf products, just as any high-end restaurant experience could provide
  • Great value for money- save precious work time by dining in-house rather than spending the time of going to a restaurant