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We consistently create the most unforgettable workplace events - YS Events are created and branded for you.

They can provide the perfect food experience for special invited guests, a delightful happy hour for employees, a pop-up kitchen such as Asian night or Mexican tapas, BBQ-style for concerts, or even a black-tie event. We know the latest food craze, trends, and flavors people crave. We couple that together to create unique and specially-designed workplace events.

We take care of the food and service experience, so that your company focuses on making great things happen.

Big picture and small details, Yarzin Sella are the masters of creating in-house events that will consistently wow your employees and clients.

We create end-to-end culinary solutions ranging from Micro-Kitchens, through In-House Restaurants, events and special concepts.

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they can make big things happen.