Our Menu

In-House Restaurants

The In-House Restaurants designed for global companies are driven by the 360 Yarzin Sella experience.

Your employees receive a unique, culinary food program experience as they enter any one of your YS-designed, In-House Restaurants. They are guests, receiving exceptional service and a food program that blends in the latest culinary trends, delicious flavors, nutritionally-balanced meals and employee wellness. All of our in-house restaurants are uniquely designed, and driven by the Yarzin Sella knowledge and expertise in the restaurant industry on a global level.

The Yarzin Sella 360 experience.

Guests enter a new world as they arrive at your In-House Restaurants. They are captivated by a full-sensory experience: vivid colors, fresh aromas and inviting sounds. We build relationships with your employees so that they receive the most personalized dining experience on a daily basis.

The YS experience delivers the WOW factor.

We customize a high-end in-house dining experience based on our clients’ precise needs and culinary desires. Our chefs create their menus on an eight-week rotation cycle, so that each day an employee enters your In-House Restaurant anticipating a flavorful culinary experience.

And we make it personal.

Your employees are our priority. We go beyond our abilities to make someone feel at home. We’ll make someone a special birthday lunch, or favorite childhood meal, and even make that special dish their mom loved to bake.

Your DNA. Our flavor.

The in-house restaurant reflects your values and culture. We offer a versatile menu that delivers a high-end chef culinary delicacy experience on a daily basis, with the fun and food trends your employees will devour.

Our Dedicated Staff.

The Yarzin Sella culinary staff is trained to maintain the strictest adherence to international standards of safety, quality control and service. Our staff is acquainted enough with each employee to know how they take their coffee and how they like their steak cooked. It’s all about relationships and personalization.

Our culinary staff and dedicated management team live your company culture, DNA and values by bringing your culinary vision and food program experience to life.

We create end-to-end culinary solutions ranging from Micro-Kitchens, through In-House Restaurants, events and special concepts.

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they make big things happen.