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Special Concepts

Yarzin Sella designs special solutions which merge the latest food trends, food craze and delicious experience to encourage more opportunities for employee connection, creativity and collaboration.

These special concepts such as a Specialized in-house cafe, Wellness bar, Food Truck, Pop-up Kitchen or Protein Bar, are designed for your employees, encapsulates your brand, and driven by your company values and mindset. The experience is wholesome, so that employees never really want to leave the office and always want to be part of the ongoing food experience you provide.

And, we're versatile.

We can create your company experience even if you don't have a large budget or space for a restaurant. It will be unique and capture your organizational culture depending on budget and infrastructure.This is where we create your dream and captivate your employees.

We create end-to-end culinary solutions ranging from Micro-Kitchens, through In-House Restaurants, events and special concepts.

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they can make big things happen.