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The Micro-Kitchen is the most essential part of the office. It’s where it all happens. Employees unwind, re-fuel, and relax.

It is the spot for spontaneous brainstorming, schmoozing and bonding. Being so vital for employee well-being, the Micro-Kitchen is practical, well-stocked, and design-led.

A Micro-Kitchen is versatile.

At one location employees fuel up with gummy bears, homemade cookies, soft-serve ice cream, and mini sandwiches, while at another company it’s all about homemade energy bars, smoothies, and ginger shots.

A well-designed Micro-Kitchen embodies an organization’s culture.

The layout, the food, the location, is designed with strategy and creative implementation to provide the opportunity and creativity for the best collaboration to emerge.

Each Micro-Kitchen is uniquely designed by Yarzin Sella food specialists, wellness managers and nutritionists first by learning a company's values and then by creating a holistic Micro-Kitchen experience.

We create end-to-end culinary solutions ranging from Micro-Kitchens, through In-House Restaurants, events and special concepts.

We strive to deliver the best food program experience, because we've got you. The Yarzin Sella 360 culinary experience focuses on your people and what they love, so that they can make big things happen.